Enjoy merienda time more with the flavors of the Philippines

Ever wonder how your favorite Pinoy dishes would be like if they were transformed into bite-sized wonders that you could snack on during those lazy afternoons?
How about enjoying those same flavors while looking at the hotspots in the Philippines to give an extra pinch of Noypi in each pop?
Regent Foods Corporation brings the original Pinoy fish cracker taste, and the much loved inasal taste into its Pinoy Crackers, bite-sized merienda treats that you and your kids will surely love.
Available in 60g packaging, those two flavors also showcase Filipino scenes on its wrapper, with the Original Pinoy Cracker showcasing the Banaue Rice Terraces, one of the wonders of the Philippines, and the inasal-flavored cracker tracing the Chocolate Hills in Bohol.
“Pinoy Crackers deliver a punch of Pinoy food incorporated into merienda time,” said ____________, Regent Foods Corporation _____________. “We wanted to create a line of snacks that would showcase not just the real Filipino flavors behind the meals, but also relate these flavors to the different scenes and tourist destinations in our country. It’s a holistic approach to Filipino snack time.”
Watch out for two more flavors as they hit shelves soon. Pinoy Crackers will introduce Bicol Express flavor that packs a mean and tingly spiciness to snack times, and Sinigang flavor, to give a new meaning to lip-smacking sourness.
It’s the ultimate nod to “Sariling atin” as the Sinigang flavor features Vigan on the wrapper, while the Bicol Express flavors features Siargao scenery.
Regent Foods Corporation has been offering innovative product since 1988, starting with Snacku, the first vegetable-flavored snack in the market, Cheese Ring, Sweet Corn, and Cheese Balls.
In the market, Regent Foods Corporation also offers different lines of cakes, crackers, and candies, all geared towards making Filipino snack time extra special and uniquely Pinoy-flavored.